Azor the ShadowCat

a large ferral cat with an exceptionaly dark coat.


Shadowcats are great cats with distinctive striped hides. Their hunting grounds range throughout the mountains of Westeros. These stealthy predators attack without provocation, and once on the trail of a meal, they rarely give up the chase.

Azor wears a hard leather harness sporting the heraldry of House Valcarys

Ability Ranks Specialties
Agility 4 Balance 2B, Dodge 1B, Quickness 2B
Athletics 4 Climb 2B, Jump 2B, Run 2B, Strength 1B, Swim 1B
Awareness 5 Notice 2B
Cunning 1
Endurance 3 Stamina 1B
Fighting 4
Stealth 5 Sneak 1B
Survival 4 Hunt 1B, Track 1B
Combat Stat Value
Combat Defense 13
Armor Rating 0
Armor Penalty 0
Health 9
Movement 8 Yards
Weapon Check Damage Special
Bite 4D 4 Vicious
Claws 4D 5 Powerful
Qualities Description
Leaping Charge When a shadowcat charges, it may make two attacks, one with its claws and another with its bite.
Sneaky A shadowcat gains +1D on Stealth tests at night.
  • May take injuries and wounds like regular characters.

Azor the ShadowCat

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