Cyrus Gaerryn


Middle Age


  • o Agility 2
  • o Animal Handle 2
  • o Athletics 2
  • o Awareness 4 Notice 1
  • o Cunning 4
  • o Deception 3 Bluff 1
  • o Endurance 3
  • o Fighting 2 Whip 2
  • o Healing 2
  • o Knowledge 3
  • o Language 3
  • o Marksmanship 2
  • o Persuasion 4 Convince 2 Incite 2
  • o Status 4
  • o Stealth 3
  • o Survival 1
  • o Thievery 3
  • o Warfare 2
  • o Will 4

Destiny Points and Benefits 4 (2 unspent on benefits) 3 Max Benefits

  • o Dutiful (Opponents take a -1D Persuasion check to influence you with Convince, Intimidate, or Seduce) 
  • o Keen Senses (Reroll 1s to notice equal to Notice rank; passive Aware = Cunning + [Awarex4])
  • o Blood of Valyria (Silver hair/purple eyes; before engaging in an intrigue, your Status counts as one rank higher for influencing a target without fully engaging in an intrigue; when you test Persuasion to Intimidate, add +2 to test results; may add +2 to passive Endurance result when attacked by fire or exposed to the effects of heat)


  • o Sickly (-1D on Endurance tests to resist hazards and ailments)

Derived Statistics

  • o Passive Awareness 20
  • o Intrigue Defense (Awareness + Cunning + Status) 12
  • o Composure (3 x Will) 12
  • o Combat Defense (Agility + Athletics + Awareness + Shield/Parry Defensive Bonus – Armor Penalty) 8
  • o Health (3 x Endurance) 9
  • o Movement (4 Yards + Half Run, – Bulk; Sprint = Movement x4) 4; Sprint 16


Albeit chronically ill, Cyrus Gaerryn is held in regard as the silver-tongued, influential leader of the traditionally martial family, one whose banner flies beneath House Valcarys.  While he has made well known his disdain for the more deliberate, "hands-on" approach to the game of power, he has no qualms whatsoever giving others just enough of a push to dirty their own fingers.  Though he often provides counsel and support to the Valcarys house, his ire has more than once been raised enough to the point that he has let down his tight-lipped and reserved visage.  When that happens, the cracks of his whip and the screams of the offender give pause to any who would think to test his patience.

Cyrus Gaerryn

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