Allowances and Prohibitions

Players either receive the Brother of the Night’s Watch benefit for free or one Knowledge Focus: Any benefit for free if he decides to play a maester in service to the Night’s Watch.

Only one maester may be allowed in the party.

Only one ability may be dropped down to 1 for an extra 50xp.

If the player comes up with a one to two sentence background explaining why he is on the Wall for the rest of his days, he will be awarded 10xp to be spent on a specialty.

Gear will be randomly rolled due to the nature of the Night’s Watch. However, I will make sure you at least get the type of weapon that you want.

Status only affects your status within the Night’s Watch. It has little to no effect on anyone else not belonging the Night’s Watch.

I ask of the group that there be one intrigue type, one combat type, and one warfare type. You don’t have to heavily invest in a single type, but putting some points into a type will help the main campaign as we get to test out all the rules. This isn’t necessary, but it will help me shape the main campaign all the much better.

Allowances and Prohibitions

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