Background Information

Brief background for the one shot
You are stationed at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, one of three remaining strongholds that remain to the Nights Watch. The Nights Watch is in decay and has been for decades. The commander of Eastwatch was recently murdered by a fellow Brother, who ran to the north to join and hide with the wildlings.

A small ranger party has been sent after him and ravens have been sent to the other 2 Nights Watch outposts. Some Brothers have taken advantage of the situation and decided to leave the Nights Watch and head south. Ravens have been sent out to all of Winterfell describing the deserters. Remember, no one leaves the Nights Watch… to do so is a death sentence.

An election has begun to find a new Commander of Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. There are three men in the running. Only a few have not voted and all candidates still have a fair shot of winning. You are among the few who have yet to cast your vote…

The Candidates

Cristoff Winters
A real hardass but a damn good warrior. He is a strict, by-the-rules soldier. Notable physical features are a cut along his right eye and a missing left arm. No one knows how he lost it, and he’ll knock you to the ground for asking. If he was in charge, life would be hard but things would get done right and this part of the Wall will remain safe, strong, and well supplied.

Cotter Pyke
A seasoned ranger who has been on my outings ranging from fighting off wildings to spying on giants. A friendly, decent man who surprised many when he threw himself into the running. He is more than capable of leading a squad of Brothers beyond the Wall, but no one knows for sure if he has what it takes to lead all of Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. The friends he has made over years and his likable personality is keeping him in the race.

Peter Lassiter
A charming, rather attractive (if your into that kind of thing)man who has only been on the Wall for less than a year. He use to be a minor Lord swearing fealty to House Lannister until Tywin Lannister, Hand to the King, sent him to the Wall for stealing gold from his lands. Any other man would have been executed, but he convinced Lord Tywin to send him to the Wall… so the story goes. He has many followers for being a newcomer and is promising a much easier life for those that vote for him. As for the Brothers that don’t…well, you’ll have to wait and see.

Rest of the Cast

Former Commander Robyn the Black
He use to be a rather successful pirate, hitting every and any House’s ships he came across and taking everything of value that it had. He never killed a man unless he absolutely had to. Life was going pretty swimmingly until Lord Tyrell sprung a trap on him that got the young captain arrested. Lord Tyrell didn’t want to waste the life of someone so talented so he offered the pirate the Black (sent to the Night’s Watch). That was 15 years ago. Robyn the Black, as he was known after arriving on the Wall, quickly became Commander of Eastwatch and promptly ended the wildlings who were raiding the North’s coastlines. He didn’t go by the title of Commander, rather he chose the title of Commodore since he has a modest fleet (but a lack sailors) at his disposal.

He was quiet as a mouse, had eyes like a mouse, and smelled like a mouse…that had been dead for several weeks. No one knew anything about him, and everyone kept their distance. He never talked and had a creepy aura about him. Why he killed the Commander and why he was on the Wall, no one knows? Rumor has it that it had something to do with the Commodore’s pirating days.

Background Information

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