House Valcarys

The history of House Valcarys was written with the same blood and fire that spurred on the Targaryens to greatness. It was often said that when the last Valcarys falls, the Targaryens would be soon to follow.

Coming over with Aegon the Conqueror after the Doom of Valyria, the Valcarys family were said to be distant cousins (or, rumored some, the result of a Targaryen bastard who was raised to lordship) and faithfully served the future kings of Westeros as sailors, bodyguards and warmasters. When Aegon began his conquest, the Valcarys family were right beside him, fighting in many important battles. In one of these, Draemon Valcarys, who would be known as Stormbreaker, the first true lord of the house, helped Aegon directly in bringing many of the Stormlords to heel in a series of running battles and a protracted siege of Storm’s End. For this service, Aegon gifted many of the stormlands to House Valcarys, as well as giving them a small island which they dubbed Valon Rhaedra, or Brother of the Dragon, where they would erect their ancestral hall, Wyvern’s Perch, around Mount Palefire, so named for the eerie, sky blue glow that came from deep within the caves of the mountains.

At the behest of their lords, House Valcarys struck out across the Reach, conquering many of the Gardeners and claiming their lands for their own. Aedian Valcarys was the general responsible for much of this time, and the house again saw their holdings and wealth double.

With a large swath of land in the south, House Valcarys also fell into the general chaos that followed during the time of wars known as the Dance of Dragons, but remained faithful and were among those who fought admirably against Rhaenyra Targaryen, and once again they were given much honor by the kings of this time.

It was beginning to be rumored that no army led by a Valcarys could be beaten, and this was sorely put to the test during the Blackfyre rebellion. Again fighting alongside the true heirs to the throne, Caiadis Valcarys rode with Baelor Breakspear in the charge that finally helped turn the rebels from Redgrass Field.

With a long history full of numerous gifts and blessings, it seemed that House Valcarys could do little wrong. This would not be the case, as when Mad King Aerys ascended the throne, Vadium Valcarys would be removed from the court amidst rumors of infidelity and, some whispered, treason. While Vadium decried this and tried to clear his name in vain, Tywin Lannister quickly took his place and rose high as the Hand of the King.

Since then, the Lannisters have whittled at the formerly impressive holdings of house Valcarys, so that now they have little left besides their ancestral home of Wyvern’s Perch and a small smattering of land spread across the mainland. Aerys turned his back on one of his family’s staunchest defenders and Vadium died a broken man.

Known Members Title
Caidin Valcarys Lord
Daemon Valcarys Master of the Hunt, Kennel Master, Master of Horse, Heir of LAST Resort

Family Tree valcarys family tree

  • Red – Died before becoming head of house
  • Blue – PCs
  • Star – Current Head of House

Resources Score Added Points Total Score Effect on House Fortune Rolls
Defense 60 - 60 -
Influence 36 +5 41 -
Lands 30 - 30 -
Power 34 +6 +6 46 -
Population 31 - 31 +3
Wealth 21 +6 +4 32 -
Law 37 - 37 -1

Historical Events

  1. Glory
  2. Conquest
  3. Glory
  4. Victory
  5. Scandal
  6. Decline

Defense Holdings

  • Wyvern’s Perch – Superior Castle (50) – Benefit: Units defending a superior castle gain a +12 bonus to their Defense.
  • Arm of the Dragon Tower (10) – Benefit: Units defending a tower gain a +3 bonus to their Defense.

Land Holdings

  • Valon Rhaedra Island(10) – Enables warships
  • Stormbreaker Point Coast(3) – Enables warships
  • Palefire Mountains Mountains(9) – +2B on Fighting and Marksmanship tests against opponents at a lower elevation, very slow movement, no cavalry, no siege weapons
  • Triumph Hall Ruins(3) – Cover +2 Defense

Effects of Terrain
Terrain can modify Movement, provide cover, restrict actions, and provide combat bonuses, as shown above. A commander may spend 1 Destiny Point to ignore the effects of terrain for one order.

Blocks Movement
Units (non-warships) cannot enter areas containing the “blocks movement” terrain feature.
Bonus Dice
Defending units in this terrain feature gain the indicated number of bonus dice to Fighting and Marksmanship tests. As usual, their ability ranks restrict the number of bonus dice they may roll.
Defending units in this terrain feature gain a bonus to their Defense against Fighting and Marksmanship attacks.
Enables Warship
This terrain feature allows you to use warship units on the battlefield. Such units can only make Fighting tests against adjacent units and Marksmanship tests against units in range.
No Cavalry
This terrain feature prevents the use of cavalry on the battlefield. Certain terrain features negate this effect.
No Siege Weapons
This terrain feature prevents attackers from using siege weapons. If the defender has a fortification, they may use siege weapons normally.
Slow Movement
This terrain reduces Movement by –10 yards (or –1 yard at the character scale).
Very Slow Movement
This terrain reduces Movement by –20 yards (or –2 yards at the character scale).

Wealth Holdings

  • Academy(?) – ?
  • Port (10) – Gain a +5 bonus on House Fortunes rolls. Also, if you have a Marketplace, whenever a House Fortune indicates you should increase your Wealth, add +1d6 instead of just +1.
  • Mine (10) – +5 bonus on House Fortunes rolls.

Power holdings

House Units
Title Training Unit Type Total Cost Final Discipline
House Guard Trained Garrison 5 3/9
The Storm Breakers Veteran Warships 12 3
The Wyvern’s Claw Veteran Infantry 9 3

Banner House (20) – House Gaerryn

House Fortune

Roll Status + Stewardship Bonus Dice.
Add any bonuses from character.
Add bonuses from house.

House Valcarys total bonus to house fortune roll is +12.

House Glory: 3

Test Result House Fortune
2 or less Disaster
3 Curse
4 Decline
5 Disaster
6 Growth
7 Decline
8 Growth
9 Curse
10 Decline
11 Growth
12 Boon
13 Decline
14 Blessing
15 Growth
16 Curse
17 Decline
18 Blessing
19 Curse
20 Blessing
21–22 Growth
23 Curse
24–25 Growth
26–27 Blessing
28 Boon
29 Curse
30 Blessing
31–34 Growth
35 Blessing
36 Boon
37–41 Growth
42 or more Boon

House Valcarys

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