Salty sailor from the sea.


20 years

Flaw: Status -1D on all tests

3 Destiny Points to use

Agility              3
Animal             3

Athletics           4

  • Strength     1
  • Swim          1
  • Climb         1
  • Jump          1

Awareness       4
Cunning           3
Deception        3
Endurance       4

Fighting           4

  • Longsword         1
  • Shortblade         1
  • Fencing             1

Healing               3
Knowledge        2
Language           2
Marksmanship  3
Persuasion        2
Status                 2
Stealth                3
Survival              2
Thievery             2

  • Sleight of hand   1

Warfare           2
Will                  3



The last ship I'll ever crew on made its way south and was overtaken by a storm. The ship was overturned and all hands but me were lost at sea. I think I see an island in the distance, its still to far to swim to but perhaps a boat will come within distance or the currents will take me near the island. In the meantime some sea creature with a large fin on its back is circling the boat so if I can catch it I'll at least have something to eat for a while, it must be longer than me.



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