What Was Learned

I need to study Intrigue more closely. Intrigues were time consuming due to lack of knowledge of rules. I plan on doing some more individual Intrigue tests with someone before the start of the campaign.

If Intrigue was long, then Warfare was a lifetime. For now on, Warfare will probably be played out with the Commander either before or after a session. Since it is easy to know when a massive battle is going to take place, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This will help kill the downtime for players who don’t use the Warfare ability.

This is for the Narrator as well as the Players. We need to do more in Combat besides just attacking. You get 2 Lesser Actions in a round. This includes Aim/Attack, Distract/Attack, Knockdown/Attack, etc. Look in the book if you are not sure what Lesser Actions you can take. Also, keep in mind your Martial Benefits, such as Long Sword I or Bludgeon II.

We had a very large party, more than I expected and I apologize for for any downtime that players experienced. I don’t mind running large games like that, but be aware that if a game has that many players, then you will probably experience downtime some time during the session.

Finally, don’t bury the dead north of the Wall.

What Was Learned

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